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(x) Display type from '78 Buick ad - neo-Somerset {Mark S}

I found this from a buick ad from 78-85. It looks like Goudy Heavyface but modified.
Who designed it?


The Invisible Man, it seems...

I will redo it Again my fault

Try redoing it again, somewhat smaller and in focus...

you're kidding, aren't you/

This came up once a few years ago. It's an old film font from Headliners International called neo-Somerset. Don't think it's ever been digitized. Joe Treacy (Treacyfaces) probably owns whatever rights there are on it (he acquired the Headliners library years ago and has digitized some of the fonts).

Good memory, Mark!
Alternatively, you could have serached Typophile for ‘Buick’:
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