Embedding Chinese Fonts into a PDF InDesign/Mac

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Hello fellow typophiles,

I am having a problem embedding chinese fonts on PDF to print and view. This topic has been discussed before on http://typophile.com/node/59688, but I have hit another roadblock and would like to ask if anyone with the same problem found a solution.

I designed a magazine (260+ pages) on InDesign CS3 on a Mac running OS 10.4 in mandarin, using the native mac font STHeiti. When it was time to send the piece to the printers, I discovered that the font was blocked and could not be embedded on a PDF.

In the above mentioned post, I discovered that Adobe has a font (Adobe Heiti) which is identical to STHeiti and can de embedded. But then ran into another problem. In the publication (remember, 260+ pages) I used STHeiti Light and the Adobe mentioned font - at least the one I have in my system which came from my CS3 package - only has a Regular set.

This slight change will force me to redesign most pages, since they are mostly running text.

I also noticed that in Snow Leopard, Apple has changed the native chinese font to a similar Heiti family. Therefore STHeiti no longer exists in the system.

I have 3 questions I hope you can help me with:

1- Do you know of any system upgrades that could allow access to STHeiti Light in a format that can be embbeded?

2- Do you know if Adobe Heiti exists as a Light font and where I can get it?

3- (And this is not really related) How do I substitute STHeiti for Adobe Heiti in 50 separate InDesign documents at once?

Gabriel Attuy

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