(x) Bloomingdales corporate face - customized ITC Avant Garde Gothic {Raph}

Does anyone have a clue what face Bloomingdales uses in their logo and across the site?



I have a similar font, almost identical, you can even have the crossed double O placed in { or } keys. STRICTLY FOR PERSONAL USE.. Called it Bloomies, a mix of SF New Republic and ITC Gothic Avant Guard MD and some other fonts. The small w is just a reversed m from S.F.N.R, rotated the c and e from SF and some other stuff…


Ed Benguiat recently told our class it was a combination of Bauhaus and Avant-Garde, but he wasn't more specific than that.

Does anyone have information on Massimo Vignelli's contribution to Bloomingdale's, more than what's found on Wikipedia or on The Vignelli Canon?



close to chalet … mixing the years up a bit.

Some version of House’s Chalet?

I don’t think it’s Chalet, as bloomingdale’s logo predates that font by many years. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if Chalet (particularly the ‘70) was inspired by the bloomingdale’s corporate identity stuff.

My personal guess is that it’s a modified version of ITC Avant Garde Book. Certain details match, like the narrow ‘s’, the tiny aperture on the ‘e’, and the tall dot on the ‘i’.

I vaguely recall that some of the characters in Avant Garde had “bubbly” alternates. However, it’s quite hard to track these down. My best guess is that Bloomingdale’s commissioned custom font modification for their logo and catalog.

I appreciate the info. Thanks!

Actually, the logo was designed by Ed Benguiat (at least that’s what he told us) and
he said that it was a combination of Futura,
his Bauhaus typeface (i think) as well as — something else (that’s what he said; “something else”) , so — it’s not really one typeface, but a combination of two or three, plus manual rendering, obviously (like in the O’s)
But there’s a load of these kind of geometric typefaces such as Bauhaus, if you need to imitate or something like that (like the fore-mentioned ‘chalet’ typeface)
anyway, it’s a nice logo — i like it