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(x) problems with cyrillic characters for Bulgarian packaging - various suggestions {Florian, Jürgen W}

Hi everyone!

I'm adapting an already designed packaging to a series of different languages. I haven't had any problems with danish, french, dutch, swedish... so far but now I have to work with the bulgarian one and I can't seem to find a solution.

The "how to cook" instructions can be done with helvetica or something similar so it's not a problem. The difficulty comes when I have to write: microowave or oven / always crunchy using Market and Impact. Have you got any clue of the closest type with cyrillic characters I can use?

Thanks a lot!!!



Hi Alex,

Ascender’s version of Impact supports Cyrillic.
What ‘Market’ typeface are you talking about; FF Market?


Perfect! I'm gonna use it right away. Yes, I'm talking about FF Market OT Bold.

Thank you Florian!! is there anything type related you don't know???


Of course there is! Like, how to make lots of money out of this superfluous knowledge! ;)

Here are few informal scripts that include Cyrillic:

Segoe Print
Inform (aka Flash)
Dom Casual
Ford’s Folly

Mantika Informal includes Cyrillic, too.

Thanks a lot!!!