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(x) Font of logo?? / 2 maltreated sans-serifs, FUBAR - Myriad, Futura or similar {Nina, Lex}

Can anyone give us a clue as to which font has been used in this logo??
Any help is greatly appreciated..


RIGGING looks like it was once Myriad. Tracked out a lot, then stretched horizontally, also a lot.

"TENSION" could have been Futura or maybe even Century Gothic with the same "effect".

- Lex

Yea, looks like Century Gothic and Myriad. Fairly painful treatment.

Thank you very much, i have an EPS-file with the logo but no program which can edit it, does anyone know if it can be converted or if there is a freeware program i can use?

Inkscape should work.

Thank you Luma Vine.
I just installed inkscape and Ghostscript, but cannot open the file? Inkscape does not show eps as an option...

Google search "inkscape" "eps" and you will find several ways to convert it to work. Probably make it a pdf first.