(x) What's this font? Super hip and amazing. - Ballpark Weiner {Rainer}

Or at least something similar or even more interesting?
Or at least something similar to Vimeo's logo?

That's not too expensive and hopefully free :)


Ballpark Weiner. URW++ released recently Sokol Pro, an updated version of this font. But MyFonts refused it, as they weren’t sure about the copyright.

Here Mike F.s comment: »Ballpark Weiner was originally Alan Meeks' Letraset Kestrel back in the dry transfer font days. Interesting that URW would do a version of this typeface ...«

… and vimeo uses a freefont called Black rose.

wow thank you. That was fast.

I noticed this on the front page of FontShop today. It might be of interest to you.

- Lex