The background of Lapidaria

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The background of Lapidaria

Actually, I never intended to do a sans at all.
The story was this: Some years ago I teached lettering at HGB Leipzig academy. For writing exercises I needed a specimen of the classical Roman Capitalis. Since I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for in any book I compiled something myself in Illustrator: 1-inch-height skeleton glyphs on the background of a 4-by-4-square grid. It looked nice. And the Kontur-Nachzeichnen-command is one little step only – to get an outline glyph … So ‘why not do this as a font’ became a tempting thought. But it was capitals only and I was not in any mood of doing lowercase.
Than, it might be four years ago, it happened that a gimmick set of simple demo fonts were to file in order to promote the big Eszett newbee a little bit. I recalled my Roman skeleton exercise and found it a nice match to utilize an unused capitals-only stock for this http://capital-promo issue. It became a font named Linea which is still available for free (but not very useful).

However, since then someone invisible persistently whispered “mache die Schrift!” in my ears. But I still hesitated for a long while since I was uncertain about what should decently accompany the capitals on the lc positions. When I finally started the actual work the idea was to place a kind of uncial glyphs there, to try something new. But my energy to spend on it didn’t last very long …
After more than a year I reconsidered the project, now thinking about doing small capitals. It was still a quite ‘capitalish’ matter in my eyes. But then I looked aside on the http://Andron project. As one of many aspects of that typeface I developed what I call the “tricameral alphabet model” some years ago. This is a typographic system consisting of “three houses”: uppercase, lowercase and middlecase letters. And I thought: yes, the three of it – that’s it!

By the way, I don’t see any ‘Lapidaria Italic’ up to now. For me this is not really belonging to the nature of that kind of typeface. But anyway, it ought to become a proper family. The modest set of three weights realized is what may be the most useful, I think.
Until outstanding sales ;-) force me to do so I’ll never add a fattish Bold because I don’t like fat type very much. But possibly an additional Medium (between Regular and Semibold) and also a Thin (below the Light) may be an option some day.
However, another option does appeal to me much more: making ornated versions. Because the face is soo ornamentish … ;-)
Why not. A swashy variant has already been recently dicussed in this thread. Could be funny! The other idea is to make ornated initials, in a rather smart and crisp fashion, perhaps. Sketches already exist …

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