Pangrammatic list of first names

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Pangrammatic list of first names

OK, this has at least one instance of each letter in uppercase and lowercase.

Alec Beverly Caleb David Egbert Fred Gordon Howard
Imogene Jasper Katja Lyle Monique Nigel Ozwald
Philip Quentin Rex Svenja Tiffany Udo Viggo
William Xander Yeardley Zeke

Now I just need Icelandic names starting with and containing Eth and Thorn, and one German first name containing eszet, and I’ll have a finished list. Anyone here know Icelandic?

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Swedish; Örjan, Åke

Any help? Don’t know any with “Ä” unfortanly.

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Joined: 8 Mar 2002 - 2:35am

Swedish; Örjan, Åke

Any help? Don’t know any with “Ä” unfortanly.

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> Don’t know any with “Ä”

Ämodt, the champion Norwegian skier (although that’s his *last* name).

BTW, I suspect that John is limiting his set to “unique” characters, as opposed to composites. Which is a good idea considering he expects to “have a finished list”…  :-)


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Hey Sigurarm, thanks for the info!

The uppercase Icelandic Eth looks pretty close to a D, so that’s OK, but I would like to find a few names with the lowercase eth as one of the other letters. I love the lowercase eth. It’s like a partial differential having a bad hair day.

I don’t want to worry about including all the diacritics just yet. Maybe one instance of each kind of mark (tilde, ring, accents, hungarumlaut, and whatnot) later on. Right now I just want a good exemplar for all the Latin “main” letters. Eszet is technically a ligature, so I might drop it from consideration for now.

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There isn’t any german first name containing a the ESZET-Ligature.


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Jonathan Hoefler tells an interesting story that he was in the middle of a project of creating swashes for Hoefler Text and he was trying to design a capital swash Eth. Some icelandic poet set him straight — according to the poet there are NO words that begin with Eth in icelandic, as Sigurdur alluded to.

(No, we’re not pals — I sat in on his lecture when he and T F-J were in Minneapolis recently)

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hey, i was at that lecture.

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Heh heh heh, small world.

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Great stuff Jonathan. I’m curious about your type collection. I’m picturing a huge library/room with specimen books, type books, artifacts and phone books from all over the world. :)

Can someone who has seen the library…Jared maybe…tell us more about it. Or is ‘library’ more of term for the collection, not the venue?

bravo juliet

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Bj, it looks like this:

(scan from japanese design mag “+81”)

But maybe Jonathans got the origal photo?;)


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Thanks Peter.


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Many names in Icelandic start with Thorn, names like Thorarinn and many more. Also female names like Thuridur, Thorgerdur and more. But I must disappoint you a little: There are no names starting with Eth in Icelandic.

Sigurdur Armannsson, Iceland

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Actually it was Gunnlauger SE Briem who set me straight — he’s a type designer, lettering artist, calligrapher and writer; quite possibly a poet, too.

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Small world indeed — speaking of Briem…

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And finally, for your amusement. This has been kicking around the hard drive for some time now.

Meanwhile, for your amusement:

The NATO phonetic alphabet:

Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India
Juliet Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar Papa Quebec Romeo
Sierra Tango Uniform Victor Whiskey Xray Yankee Zulu

From a Swedish (also from a Dutch) telephone directory:

Alfred Benjamin Charles David Edward Frederick George Harry
Isaac Jack King London Mary Nellie Oliver Peter Queen Robert
Samuel Tommy Uncle Victor William Xray Yellow Zebra.

The ARRL (American Radio Relay League) version:

Adam Baker Charlie David Edward Frank George Henry Ida John
King Lewis Mary Nancy Otto Peter Queen Robert Susan Thomas
Union Victor William X-ray Young Zebra

[also Adam Boy (?)]

From a book entitled “The Complete Morse Instructor…” (1944):

able baker charlie dog easy fox george how item jig king love
mike nan oboe peter queen roger sugar tare uncle victor william
x-ray yoke zebra

[This one seems to have undergone quite a lot of evolution.
Entries also cited: cast, hypo, inter, negat, over, prep ]

From a Dutch telephone directory:

Amsterdam Baltimore Casablanca Danemark Edison Florida Gallipoli
Havana Italia Jerusalem Kilogramme Liverpool Madagascar New York
Oslo Paris Quebec Roma Santiago Tripoli Uppsala Valencia
Washington Xantippe Yokohama Zurich

[Perhaps ‘international’ more than ‘English’]

***** FRENCH *****

Contributor: Erik Tjong Kim Sang

anatole bernard cécile denise émile françcois g’erard
henri isidore jean kléber louis marcel nicole oscar pierre
quital robert suzanne thérèse ursule victor wagon xavier
yvonne zoé

***** GERMAN *****

[two slightly different versions]

Contributor: (Michael Rosa)

Anton Berta Caesar Dora Emil Friedrich Gustav Heinrich Ida
Julius Karl Ludwig Martha Nordpol Otto Paula Quelle Richard
Siegfried Theodor Ulrich Viktor Wilhelm Xanthippe Ypsilon

Umlaut: Ärger Ödipus Übel

More recent replacements: Konrad Zacharias

Contributor: Erik Tjong Kim Sang

anton bertha cäsar dora emil friederich gustav heinrich ida
julius kaufmann ludwig martha nordpol otto paula quelle
richard samuel theodor ulrich viktor wilhelm xanthippe
ypsilon zacharias

ä ärger
ch charlotte
ö ökonom
sch schule
ü übermut

***** DUTCH and FLEMISH *****

Contributor: Erik Tjong Kim Sang

Dutch Flemish
a anna arthur
b bernhard brussel
c cornelis carolina
d dirk desire
e eduard emiel
f ferdinand frederik
g gerard gustaaf
h hendrik hendrik
i izaak isidoor
j jan jozef
k karel kilogram
l lodewijk leopold
m marie maria
n nico napoleon
o otto oscar
p pieter piano
q quotient qualite
r rudolf robert
s simon sofie
t teunis telefoon
u utrecht ursula
v victor victor
w willem waterloo
x xantippe xavier
ij ijmuiden  — 
y ypsilon yvonne
z zaandam zola

***** ITALIAN *****

Contributor: (Elizabeth Buie)

Ancona, Bologna, Como, Domodossola, Empoli, Firenze, Genova,
Imola, Livorno, Milano, Napoli, Otranto, Pisa/Palermo,
Quartomiglio, Roma, Savona/Siena, Torino, Udine, Venezia,

Cities represent the letters of the Italian alphabet. In addition,
there are five other letters that are used in loan words from other
languages but that are not part of the Italian alphabet:

J = Jolly
K = Kappa
W = Wagner
X = Xilofono
Y = York

***** SWEDISH *****

Contributors: (Simon Tardell)
Jonas Wallgren

Adam, Bertil, Cesar, David, Erik, Filip, Gustav, Helge,
Ivar, Johan, Kalle, Ludvig, Martin, Niklas, Olof, Petter,
Quintus, Rudolf, Sigurd, Tore, Urban, Viktor, Wilhelm,
Xerxes, Yngve, Zäta, Åke, Ärlig, Östen.

NB that W does not belong to the Swedish alphabet
(it is merely considered a graphical variant of V).

***** FINNISH *****

Contributor: Jukka Rahkonen

Aarne Bertta Celcius Daavid Eemeli Faarao Gideon Heikki Iivari
Jussi Kalle Lauri Matti Niilo Otto Paavo Kuu Risto Sakari Tyyne
Urho Ville Viski Äksä Yrjö Tseta Åke Äiti Öljy