Phaeton from Veer -- me *like*

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I really like Phaeton!

It looks a bit steam punkish -- evoking associations with Victorian metalworks, pre-Jugendstil; kind of a prelude to Arnold Boecklin. It would look great on screen in a steam punk game such as "The Chaos Engine"!

(It's a pity the entire Steam Punk genre had only a fleeting moment of success. William Gibson/Bruce Sterling's co-op "The Difference Engine" is still a good read.)

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Me too, though it's a shame sIFR is cutting it off at the top.

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Nina said: “Oh I like how Phaeton makes my favorite web site feel like an old medicine cabinet with emaille drawer knobs… slightly twisted.” I second that.

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Well, there is always the chance of Steampunk coming back. It is still simmering among an underground fandom. For example, the Girl Genius webcomic.

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