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(x) Please help me identify this beautiful serif... / 'Style by Kling' - various suggestions {Ken W, Ryuk}


Any ideas as to what this typeface is called would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!


I think it might be a modified "Modern No. 20", but the "G" looks totally different... hmm...

The gray sections would be the modified areas.

More "Caslonish" to me (adding an outline stroke and reworked to make it very contrasted)... Very close to http://Requiem (Fine Roman) by Hoefler & Frere Jones.
Here are also some "similars":
- MT Perpetua Titling by Eric Gill
- Big Caslon by Matthew Carter (Carter & Cone)
- Freight Big by Joshua Darden
- http://Chronicle (Display Extra-Light by Hoefler & Frere Jones

Thanks Guys! :)