(x) Almost Myriad? Or Frutiger? - modified Frutiger {Jan}

My first guess was Myriad, but the "G" looks different. Or Frutiger? Any Ideas?


Closer to Frutiger but some details are off.

The traps make me think this might have started as Myriad.

yes, it looks really close to Frutiger but the lowercase "t" has a different ascender.

Humanist 777 matches well. Except for the clipped G.

Humanist 777 looks pretty close as well. But same as Frutiger: not the same ascender at the lowercase "t". Tricky...

I think this is pretty obvious: someone modified Frutiger, maybe just for this logo, maybe to sell it as a ‘custom typeface’. A few terminals were straightened (‘t’), others were cut off perpendicularly to the stroke direction (that is what might resemble Myriad), and the ‘G’ bar was shortened. But it definitely started out as Frutiger. By the way, Humanist 777 is just Bitstream’s name for Frutiger.