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(x) Retro Style / modified Commercial Script - Philly Sport aka Ebor aka Fulton Sign aka Sweden aka Sedona {Chad, Florian}

I'm in desperate need of this font for my wedding invitations. I spotted this font in an invitation suite by Mae Mae Paperie and now I have to have it!

Thanks in advance

- Z.


The spur on the front of the first a threw me at first, but I do believe it's just plain ol' http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/bitstream/commercial-script/commercial-scri...

Agreed. There might be a freebie out there that comes pre-rounded, but it certainly started out as Commercial Script.

Funny: all the various versions have that spur on the ‘a’ – except the Bitstream one you linked to.

Actually this font is called Sedona Script. Which can be found here -> http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/SedonaScriptFLF <-

Enjoy the font! Took me 5 minutes doing a simple Google search.

Yes. This typeface is also known as Philly Sport Script, Ebor Script, Fulton Sign Script, and Sweden, see this older thread.
Commercial Script hit by a baseball.