convert polygonal to oval shape

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how do you convert a polygonal shape into a smooth oval shape in Illustrator?. the goal is to obtain a smooth curve that runs through the anchor points and not the red or the blue curve you can see in this image.

red=start polygon
green=approximate curve inside the polygon
blue=not fitting outside curve derived from the inside curve

nice_try.png18.1 KB
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Use the pen tool, and keep your nodes at the extremes (farthest left/top/right/bottom as much as possible) and the bezier handles at horizontal or vertical.

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with the pen tool i'm not able to obtain a smooth curve. the pen tool breaks the curve at the anchor points. the goal is to draw or render a curve smooth like an egg -- starting from an irregular polygon.

maybe some plugin?

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Click, hold and drag! That will give each node bezier handles.

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