(x) Julien Faure - Omni {Richard}

I need to know the font that has been used in this example… I have tried to reconstruct the font from the “Julien FAURE” logo.

Help anyone?

PS. I’ve got Ocean Sans, and EF Castle comming close, but no cigar…FAURE (Part of logo...)


Omni Bold, possibly a little stretched

Edit: I have it on my PC, but font properties seems to be misbehaving at the mo’ I’ll try to find out where it came from.

According to ATM it is an Image Club Graphics font, so I’m not sure where you’d get it from now.

Grant possibly knows this, but I think he’s still snoozing (he hasn’t
popped up on iChat yet).

Omni was Image Club’s simplified take on Optima, essentially it lacks the concavities on the vertical and horizontal strokes. For whatever reason, Agfa decided not to include Omni on Fonts.com after they purchased the Image Club library along with the remnants of the EyeWire site from Getty Images.

The only place to obtain Omni today is to locate a used copy of Image Club’s Letterpress CD (which I happen to have a few of in my software archive). If you’re interested in following this up, contact me through my Typophile profile.

My copy of Omni came from the Photoshop 5.5 “Action Pack”, an extra disc with clip art, stock photos, and fonts. There are a couple dozen ICG fonts on that disc. You might be able to find a used copy somewhere.