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(x) PORCELANOSA's logo's typeface('s!) - TF Arrow {Jan}

Here comes another one! It's the logo for Porcelanosa. This one should be easy enough… I've seen it, but I don't know what it is.


That seems correct, although the sample on the website is too small. A bit overwhelming, the website… didn't know it either, another bookmark. :)

I thought it was going to be something more common, though. Hum. How do you even come up with this?! :P

Once again, thanks a lot for your help, Jan. :)

The Treacyfaces site is incredible! Two thumbs up.

Your fonts budget must be way bigger than mine...

Are you talking about me, phrostbyte64? Because my three last requests for TypeID have all been for friends of mine… :P You know how it goes: “Hey, Ruben, what typeface is this?” And Ruben goes searching, fails miserably, and comes to Typophile for comfort.

And if I do come to the TypeID forum for myself, I'm not trying to recreate what I show or in need of said typeface; I'm just looking to satisfy my curiosity. :P

You’re welcome, Ruben.

How do I come up with this?
Well, actually TF Arrow is pretty common.
At least it pops up here quite frequently.

It's just that it's not even on MyFonts or any other of these more known typeface vendors, so I always find it a bit amazing that people would know it. :P Of course, I'm aware there's nothing really amazing about it, but still, it's nice to be amazed, so I let myself go with it. :P

And I meant I was thinking it would be something I'd already know, at least with a name I'd recognize. I guess I shouldn't really use the word “common”, it doesn't work that well as a qualifier, it's very subjective. :)

rubenDmarkes : Sorry for the misunderstanding. Mike Jarboe' comment suggests he might be familiar with the site and the product. I'm probably taking that incorrectly also.

I work for the company doing graphic design. Actually, "Optima" is what we use. :)

No prob, phrostbyte64. :)

Interesting, ivyks! Optima was actually one of the first things that popped up in my mind when I saw the logo, but I knew that wasn't it, so I started a search and then ended up here.

Saw your blog, nice little characters!

I have to stop doing this, I always take the threads were I participate too far away from the main subject. :P

porcelanosagrupo.com uses TF Arrow, porcelanosa-usa.com uses Optima.
And porcelanosa.de relies on Palatino.

This forum is amazing. Thank you very much for the additional information, Florian. :)