Belated Happy Birthday, Bill!

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Well, we were aiming to get this released yesterday, June 17, which was Bill Berkson’s birthday. We missed by one day.

Hot off the press: Williams Caslon has just been released for retail license by the Font Bureau.

A belated happy birthday, Bill!

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Great to see! That's one hell of a debut!
Mazel tov and good luck, Bill.

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A long time coming and a brilliant party favor for the rest of us. Thanks, Bill!

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Thanks Kent! And Craig and Stephen.

And a great big thank you to Font Bureau's secret weapon, Jill Pichotta, or as I think of her, Madame Bezier, for her invaluable guidance in this long process.

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Congratulations, William!

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Congratulation Bill!

William Caslon seem to be sturdy and full of quality as always when things are coming from Font Bureau.

Also great to get some competition on fresh revivals of Caslon. Now we only wish for a big article, comparing "William Caslon" and "Replay" with the original. "wink, wink"... John Boardley do you hear me :-)


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Big Congrats, Bill! It was a long haul but worth it!


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Nice try Kent, waiting till after his birthday, but AFAIK Chris still has the Oldest Type Designer First Release record.

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Congratulations! Having your first typeface come out from a really high-end type foundry is a great recognition.

As is often the case on a new typeface, I find myself studying the lowercase "a"... very interesting choices here.



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Congratulation on both things Bill!


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Thanks all!

>studying the lowercase "a"... very interesting choices

Only on Typophile! Great to feel understood :)

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Congratulations, and a belated happy birthday!

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Congratulations William!

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OK, I believe congratulations are finally in order, unlike the many other occasions when this typeface has been "launched" at Typophile:-) So, congratulations, Bill!

(And BTW, shouldn't this post be in the Release forum?)

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>(And BTW, shouldn't this post be in the Release forum?)

But what about the happy birthday part? ;)

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>the many other occasions

Nick, adjust your clothing, your snark is showing. There is only one other thread on this. It is on the pre-release use of Williams Caslon in Boston Magazine, which has been using it for the past year an a half. I started that thread nearly a year after its use in Boston Magazine, not exactly rushing to announce.

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Bill, Did Boston Magazine send you a free subscription for your portfolio? It would be nice to use in promoting your work.

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Chris, it would be great if publications were such fans! I had to buy copies to see it. Come to think of it, I should get some more recent editions. I'm sure Nick is eager to see more :)

I was delighted that FB was able to sell it pre-release, as I think it helps credibility to have a successful publication using it.

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I think Nick was just joking with you.

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The italic looks good up there as the headline text for Typophile!

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Bill, I was indeed pulling your leg. You have tantalized your fans with many airings of this Caslon at Typophile over the years, in one thread or another :-)

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Nick, here I thought I was a model of restraint until the Boston Magazine thread. But searching Typophile, I see that indeed, I talked up my 2006 talk at TypeCon about it. And since the Boston Magazine thread I've felt that since it's public anyway I could talk about it.

Now with Flash animation on Typophile and at the, I feel like a nerd who suddenly became Prom Queen :)

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