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Roger White's Keele Decorated

Does anyone recognize this font as a derivative of another unnamed fonts. According to the general forum, many of Roger White's fonts are "inspired" by other people's work. Here's a sample from the font I downloaded.

Website source: http://www.rogersfonts.org.uk/html/files13.html


Which font are you talking about?

I'm not sure what I find more objectionable about these fonts: the copying of other peoples' designs, or the bullshіt claims about the fonts' technical quality and craftsmanship.

Yes, tis one ugly font. I'm hoping someone can direct me to the original font that Roger scanned or perhaps suggest a very similar font. I want to purchase the rights to the outlines and do some tweaking of the font for a project.

Oldnick, the title was in my subject line, "Keele decorated"

I wouldn't call Geetype very similar, but it has some of the same attitude.

I hunted through my books with bold scripts, Solotype Catalogs, and good old Script Guide, but didn't see a match for this 'beauty'. I actually think this may have been one of the few original fonts done by this vendor. You know, the kind of font that anyone can make if they draw within a template box? This is like other hand-drawn styles.

Stephen's suggestion of Geetype would be a major style upgrade from this one. Another suggestion for a roughly similar feel could be Bison, which used to be available from Berthold, but which I can no longer find anywhere.

- Mike Yanega

Bison is also known as Blizzard and Brush 738.

Ah, yes. Thank you Florian.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks, everyone! Mike, I looked through pages and pages of your scripts and didn't find it. :(

I also checked What the Font, where I was informed that I could just take the outlines by opening the font in Ilustrator - yikes!

I also checked about 700 fonts at MyFonts.

Update: According to a comment at What the Font, this font was also cloned by Imageline and EnStep fonts under the name Abracadabra.

Ah, yes, That font shows up in the Expresiv Font Brush Script collection sold by Tiger Direct in the mid-90's. I have notes that say this was based on a Photo-Lettering typeface called Pennington Popcorn. I have to say that that particular font collection was really inferior work, and not up to the standard of the other Expresiv collections done by 'World Art'. The letterforms were poorly shaped copies of the originals and were not kerned well. Letter sizes didn't even match properly.

- Mike Yanega