Royal Mail slip mockup

One of the designers I follow on twitter posted this a while ago, can't remember who or I would ask them. I believe it is a mockup for Royal Mail slip that they leave when they "deliver" your parcel but you were out.

It looks similar to Archer and ITC American Typewriter, but it's neither of those.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance.

The full image can be seen her


You might like Omnes Light Italic.

Thanks for the suggestion, and while I do like that font as well, I seem to be unable to move past this font. Kinda sad, seems like I'm unable to let go of an ex :)

I've never had this much trouble identifying a font, I've tried everything from WTF, Identifont, forums and even some very shady looking places out of sheer desperation.

That's strange because neither the logo nor the font are connected to the Royal Mail in the UK. The corporate font should be Chevin, but I have no idea where that logo came from.

Beautiful font!

I think it was just some personal piece they were doing, so I don't think it's actually connected or done for the Royal Mail

You might like Roice.

I just want to make sure I haven't gone completely looney and aren't seeing things just to quench my desire to find this font.

Per Niks suggestion I had a look at Chevin, which seemed awfully similar to the font in question, but then went on to use MyFont's "More fonts like" feature where I, completely accidentally, came across this font.

95% sure it's Adesso Italic. In the screenshot it looks like it might be a Light version, but as far as I found there is no such weight.

Anyway, some confirmations before I stop searching, go ahead and buy this font would be reassuring :)

Adesso is pretty close, but not 100%. The "w" in the sample has pointed vertices, and in Adesso they are curved.

I think it is Router Light Italic from Incubator at Village.

1985, if you are a girl, I'm marrying you right now. I don't care if you wan't to or not, it's not your decision to make....

Seriously, thank you. I can get back to my life now. I haven't done any work in the past week, just have been searching for this.

Haha, unfortunately Alex, I'm an Andrew and the institution of marriage is not for me! Glad to be of help, though now you don't have any excuse to slack off! Router is a beautiful design, the '8' in particular. Have a nice day now.

Weird, I thought it was Router the first time I saw it, but for some reason I decided against it. Brain fart, I guess. Well done.

Brain fart!