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Hi everyone!

My name is Pierluigi and I'm an italian student of graphic design looking forward in improving my skills in typography (I suck at it).
I have seen so many impressive works in this forum that I really wanted to join and learn from the masters :)

Recently I got the job of creating a logo for an already established Civil Engineer Agency (builds and restore buildings), which requires a solid but, yet, quite modern and dynamic look. After a few tests here's what I'm up to :

As you noticed, the logo is focused exclusively on type, but as I'm lacking the whole knowledge on the argument I can't improve it anymore.

Please, help me with your knowledge guys , I really need it!

P.s: don't criticize the colours , those will be part of the final part in the design process, thanks.

Thanks very much for your attention,


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FWIW I think this looks fragile. It most certainly does not look "solid", for that the stroke weight needs to be much heavier or the type needs to be of a slab variety. Also the pointy joints in A and M spell "precision" and that translates more into the manufacturing and fabricating rather than building restoration.

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Reminds me of the identity I did for MKDunkley (don't worry - he's a local artist, and probably unknown in your area).

There's nothing to hold "AMG" and "Engineering" together. Maybe make "Engineering" the same width as "AMG" and thicken it up.

I'd also come up with a second version of the logo to be used at smaller sizes, with thicker stencil breaks in the "AMG".

- Lex

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Thanks, thanks and thanks!

That was exactly the kind of constructive critics I was searching for, unfortunetly I can't update immediately the changes as I am on holiday without Illustrator, but as soon as I come back I will update the logo.

Any other suggestions? I'm always hungry for constructive comments :P



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I second the suggestion to switch the 'engineering' typeface to something more in keeping with the company.


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