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Help identifying this retro display font

I have been reading this book called "Manual of graphic techniques 3" (old, but quite an interesting read) and one of the samples used there caught my eye.

I thought it's just a hand-drawn sample of type treatment, not a typeface itself, as I couldn't find any information about it in the credits. I like it so much, I was thinking of making the rest of the alphabet.

I guess I'm too naive and inexperienced, just recently stumbled into some artwork with the same looking type in it.

I assume there is a typeface, so I would like you to help me identifying it. I've attached a photograph of it (the "Mercury" one):


Letraset's Quicksilver by Dean Morris (http://new.myfonts.com/person/Dean_Morris/).
A distressed version is available from Typodermic:

I'm wondering how some requests end up posted in the "Solved IDs" forum.
Shouldn't it be accessible only to moderators?

Thanks for the help, riccard0. Quite inspiring birth story behind this typeface.

I think that's what the moderators did after your post, relocated the thread.

No, I didn’t move this thread here, or any other of those in ‘Solved IDs’. Most of them were accidentally placed here by the original posters. More in the meta thread that Riccardo has started.