(x) Display face on Shaughnessy's /Look at This/ / ultrafat slab - custom by Non-Format, alternatives {gang}

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I know the text font is Optimo's Hermes, but does anyone recognize the display face on the cover?

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Maybe "Pump" customized


Another similar font "Frank"


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Seems to be common
A first glance, i looked at Rita (Sudtipos), but it's not.

We had this question solved here before, surely.

PS How is the (british?) design firm called, worked with that "filled style" some years ago.

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this is Serifa with huge outline
with a bit of work...

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I believe this is the work of Non-Format. http://www.non-format.com

Their typefaces aren't commercially available, except for one they released last year.

You might be hard pressed to find anything similar that is as precisely drawn or well balanced, as their work is quite exceptional. Of the abundance of similarly styled typefaces out on the market, most are of questionable quality.

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It looks to me like both Jim and Mike are correct--the outlines are definitely Frank, and it looks like Non-Format added some lines to suggest 'counters' in places.

Edit: ID complete, as far as I'm concerned. Thanks, folks.

Edit again: meant to say 'Pump', not 'Frank'. The outlines are definitely Pump.

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Turns out this has come up before--though I thought I looked around carefully enough first before posting:


Sorry. FWIW, people there came up with the same kinds of suggestions, and the last in the thread was Burvo's Pump. And it looks to me like Burvo designers started with egyptienne outlines to get their final product.

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... it looks like this

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