Help choose a font name?

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Ugh, I can't decide on a name for this font!

I narrowed it down to either "VAS DEF" or "Tubers".
But now I can't decide between those two.

I took a poll on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr,
but the results came out pretty even.
"Tubers" got a few more votes, but
"VAS DEF" had a much louder fan base
who type in all caps a lot.

I like both names, but I feel like I really
need to just pick one. So I need some help.
Font pic is below I think.

Which name do you like better?


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Mos' def Toobers...

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or, flashback to the Valley Girl era, Totally Tubular...

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My vote would be Large Intestine for the bold weight and Small Intestine for the standard weight. (Otherwise...VAD DEF is fun)

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i like Totally Tubular a lot! But I think the font is too big to have such a long name.

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Tubular Pals


Plumber's Delight

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Yeah, I'd definitely stay away from Vas Def.

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Say, aren't you that Venis guy?
Looking forward to the family pack with Nertz and Scrot Grot :-)

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No votes for "Tuberculicious"?


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Flow or Drain.

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And I second Nick's TotTub!

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Vas Def

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