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Strange tech font

I'm looking to find out what type of font the 2049 is in this piccture. I can't find it anywhere.


oh I forgot to give some info.

I'm not sure but this font my have been from the game rush2049 but I don't think so. It was released on the N64 and the dreamcast but both packages where the same.

I can't contact the site that make the logo. I'm sure the text was stroked with the blending options in photoshop.

I've found fonts that are kinda close but not that close. most of the simular fonts don't have a strikthrough zero or the nine is wrong, but most don't have the same kind of two.

You can't hotlink to tripod images. Here is the picture:

Unfortunately, I don't know the font.

- Lex

Sorry I forgot about that problem, Thank you.

Does anyone think this will be in the list of hardest fonts to ID.

Dafont's Techno/Sci-fi section would be my first place to look.

- Lex

I've already checked there. I couldn't find it.

would this be consittered a tech or stencil font



I was wondering...I could make this font as a bitmap right. I don't see anything on this site about making fonts.

It could be a "fontstruct" (http://fontstruct.fontshop.com/) or you could easily make one yourself.

hum...I don't think this site was around when this font was made. From what I see while I tried to make the font in paint is, this is not a font it was made up.

I'll make it with fontstruct or paint which ever one is better.

Well, using Fontstruct you will end up with a proper font.

I only can think of making more numbers. It will take time to make the letters. Also I find the angles hard to control in fontstruct. Could I use one or Adobe's products instead?