Is this some variant of Bodoni? With swashes?


I'm trying to match this family, specifically the italic for the author's name. I figured it's Bodoni, but the swashes in the italic capital 'T' and the italic lowercase 'k' are really throwing me for a loop.

Since this is a reprint of a book that was originally published in 1959 with multiple printing through the 70s and 90s it may very well be something that wasn't digitized. That makes things difficult for a publisher who wants to add copy to the beautiful title page spread.

Help? Someone, please? Thanks!

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Don’t you think that it’s definitely a Bodoni, Nick?

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I can't find an exact digital match, but it looks to my eyes like a Baskerville. Storm's Baskerville Original is fairly close, but has the distinctive descending 'z' that your sample lacks. MacGrew didn't yield any better matches than that. Good luck!

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If you need just the feeling, Bulmer has a similarly shaped italic T.

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I think Baskerville Original Pro comes quite close.

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Thanks for your help everyone!

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Right on, Riccardo. It's Bulmer.

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Sorry to disagree, I would agree with Jan, I also think it's a Bodoni for ZEN AND JAPANESE CULTURE - look at the J and the R and the C for that matter too.

Possibly Bulmer for the Italic.

If this was originally published in 1959 it could well have been decided by what fonts the typesetter had available.

The publisher's credit at the bottom is an entirely different serif of a small caps proportion.

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Frankly, the spacing is so lousy on the all-caps part, I'm inclined to think that it's Varityper cold-set type...

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Here's the info. I somehow managed to find this as an entry in the AIGA Design Archives.

Link to info on AIGA Design Archives

Apparently the book uses Linotype Bodoni Book with Monotype Bodoni No. 175 display.

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