(x) ODYLYNE? ID? - RNS Camelia {Mike Y}

Just love this font. anyone who could help me out? thanks!


Looks like a freebie called RNS Camelia. Fitting for a low-budget film, I suppose.

- Mike Yanega

Hey thanks so much Mike* It amazes me how you (guys) are so good at this. ;) have a great weekend!

Mike’s ID is correct, of course.
But this freebie looks like a circumcised ITC Lubalin Graph – and its name reads like a malapropism of PMN Caecilia, another (completely different) slab-serif.

'circumcised' -- ouch! Yes, you're right Florian, and it looks like it was painful for the font too. It's funny how serif-ectomies can change the feel so much. Oh, look! They added a serif to the E, almost like serif conservation.

I admit I didn't realize this was a mutilated Lubalin Graph, or I would have commented on that. This one is borderline piracy at best. Sorry about that.

- Mike Yanega

No problem for me. I just wanted to add a link to Lubalin Graph, so Dolita can choose herself whether she really wants to go with that crippled thingy. (By the way, if you find Lubalin Graph’s serifs to big, there’s always its older sans brother, ITC Avant Garde Gothic.)

Or the recently released Inlove from Sudtipos.

- Lex

ahhh .. how I love Lubalin Graph. One that I use quite often. Should've known that is why RNS Camelia caught my eye. ;))
Lex, Inlove is also a nice find~ Thanks!*