(x) The New Garden - NEW Madison Square Garden Flash Site typeface - Trade Gothic {Ryuk}

Hello All,

Looking to identify the primary typeface used on this site: http://msg.cordonmedia.com/msg.php

It resembles New Republic but the characters are wider & there is a noticeable difference between the "S"
and New Republic's "S". This also seems to be a "light" type version & I do believe New Republic does not
have a light version.

Once the site load's select the center option "THE SUITE EXPERIENCE" once all of the animation finishes you'll
see a title (top left) "SUITES AT THE GARDEN" it's a great example of the differences between the "S" character.

Any help in identifying this typeface would be much appreciated.


The site takes forever to load.
Make screenshots. Post’em.

Various styles of LT Trade Gothic (Regular, Bold no2, Extended and Extended Bold)