(x) Font ID Help : Movie and Product - Gotham, FF Meta {Jan, Florian}

A cycling company; Topeak makes pumps called Joe Blow. I would like to know if anyone knows what typeface is used for this. I've loaded the picture here: Joe Blow

It's the only picture I have that I took from the packaging.

I also have seen the trailer for the movie The American and at the end they're using a certain font for the credits. I took a screen shot of it at the end which can be seen here: The American

Your help is greatly appreciated in identifying these two fonts. Thank you.


‘Joe Blow’ is a maltreated FF Meta.

Jan, thank you for your reply. I'm looking into it right now.

Florian, thanks for taking the time to reply. By maltreated I'm assuming you mean the typeface was altered in a way, or do you mean just not used correctly? Thanks for your input.

The typeface was squooshed quite badly.