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(x) REQ ID: Magazine font - Adobe Trajan, (similar to) some Garamond {Jan, Derya}

Does anyone know what font is used in the pull quote and body copy of the attached sample.
thanks guys, you all rock.


Pull quote looks like Trajan to me.
The copy is too small for my eyes.

The copy looks like a Garamond, not sure though.
Do you have a better sample?

I've attached a zoomed in section of the body copy only as requested.

Could you zoom in even more?
Without italics or figures it’s hard to say. It might be Adobe Garamond. Or Garamond Premier?

attached a 3rd sample zoomed in more and with caps and bold versions of the body font.
thanks for your time guys.


The figures and the blue caps are a different face – something like Madison/Century 725. For the text, I’d still think it’s Garamond Premier.