(x) casual unconnected handwriting script - Notepad {Mike Y}

Can anyone help me, or actually identify this script? There are many similar, but I need the actual typeface.



Florian, your 'bump' is like a fisherman bouncing a worm in front of a fish. You probably thought I would take this bait and run with it ;-)

I looked through the ClickArt collection of Handwritten Fonts, but this was not in it. I will check some freebie sites - the hook has been set...

- Mike Yanega

I found it as a font called Notepad, by 'Unknown', which makes me a little uneasy. This was on the 31st page of 36 pages of Handwriting fonts (shown 30 at a time).

- Mike Yanega

I checked Part 11 of the Script Font ID Guide, and didn't see it, so at least it's not something I have collected before. I just didn't want to find a commercial font that looked like this, although I know my Guide is not the last word.

- Mike Yanega

Oh dear, 31/36! Thanks, Mike, for your patience. Your ambition is admirable. I have no reason to believe Notepad is an illegitimate clone.

I bumped this thread because it accidentally had been placed in the ‘Critique’ forum. I moved it to the Type ID Board, but it already was too old for appearing on the first page.