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Hi All,

Im new to this forum, so a quick hello!

I'm about to undertake a redesign of a well loved Australian bodyboarding magazine.

We are currently using Helvetica Neue as body copy, Corporate SQ for captions and Folio's.

I am looking to find a typeface that is contemporary, clean, and legible. Our core reader group is aged 15 - 25 with that age increasing over the last few years. The magazine is youth oriented, fun, exciting and has been at the top of the genre for just over 20 years.

In my opinion, serif fonts are the best for body copy, but i was wondering if there was a classy sans-serif font that would do the job nicely. the magazine still has to be relevant to the youth market, but i wish to add a touch of class and sophistication to the mag.

Maybe a slab-serif font?

My current thoughts are: Accord, Centro Slab Pro, Vista Slab or Depot.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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I think [Bad link] would be a wonderful choice for you. Centro Slab is also a good one. If you still prefer a sans, Accord is an excellent option.

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What about Locator from Process Type Foundry –
plus there is a display version of it, that might be useful for some extravaganza.

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@Freiberger: Thanks! Tisa is a great looking font. will put that one in the mix for sure!

@poms: Locator would be a great option for a sans-serif face! Thankyou!

Cheers for the help guys, we have now a Top 3 of each serif and Sans serif face that we will be putting through their paces.

Will let you know the outcomes!

thanks again!

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