'The Godfather' movie English subtitle font

I watched The Godfather (part I) last night. I'd like to identify the typeface used on screen to supply English translations for the dialogue in Sicilian (not the familiar title font, as also seen on 'The Godfather' book covers). Unfortunately, I don't have a screen grab. The typeface I'm looking for somewhat resembles Baker Signet or Albertus, more closely resembles what I suspect is a copycat font called 'Flanders'. I couldn't turn anything up on Google except the the title font, not what I'm looking for. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?


Meant to say that this font would probably be classed as 'glyphic'

What I can tell you is that Flanders is Softmaker's ripoff of Berthold's Flange.

Mystery solved, Mike, and thanks. 'Flanders' is indeed 'Flange' (or a version thereof), and also, I believe, the font used for The Godfather (I) English subtitles. One of its notable characteristics is the open, informal, lower-case 'g' - most of the similar glyphic fonts have the closed-loop 'g'. Flanders, lower-case open 'g' and all, was one of the many fonts included on the FontSite CD, which I got years ago because it was then the sole source for 'Legende' (their redaction being called 'Legend'). I bought the excellent Bitstream Cambridge Collection similarly to acquire one typeface, 'Venetian 301', which I consider a better-looking digitalization of 'Centaur' than Monotype's. Anyway, I was curious about 'Flanders', and spent several sessions and some time searching for likely fonts with similar-sounding names (Fontsite's naming practice being roughly homophonic), but never turned up 'Flange', and never saw it in use until I happened to watched ' The Godfather'.

The Fontsite CD had one great virtue, an introduction to Hans Eduard Meier's splendid but strangely obscure 'Barbedor', which I subsequently acquired elsewhere.

Just noticed that the open 'g' in 'Flange' is only in the Italic, whereas the copycat font uses it in the regular face as well.

the open 'g' in 'Flange' is only in the Italic

And in the Bold.

Oh, thanks, Florian. Linotype, where I found 'Flange', has another similar font, Marbrook.