Masters in typography & type design

I have recently graduated from a design program (Concordia University, Montreal) and I am looking for masters abroad that would combine both type design and typography (preferably a one-year program).

I was wondering if anyone has information about the quality of the masters in Advanced Typography taught at the EINA school in Barcelona. Apart from their official website, I have trouble finding extra information and comments about this program.

I am also considering KABK's "Type and Media". However, from the information I have been able to gather, it seems like it much more focused on type design, and much less on typography, am I correct?

Finally, any thoughts about the Centro de Estudios Gestalt (Veracruz, Mexico)? Or other suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi, Ruxandra. you can start here.

And here.

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I haven't been logged in in Typophile for very long and I realize now I had not thanked you for your answer, sorry for that. Very belated thank you! :)

And to any (ideally Spanish-speaking) student interested in such education, I finally chose EINA school in Barcelona. I am very happy with my choice, since I have been able to both design and apply type, and I am now working on a short thesis. It was all very condensed though, but I have learned a lot! I think this program provides a great basis for any graphic designer.


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You are welcome. Good to hear you made a good choice.
And I say it again: good luck with your thesis!

Best, CH

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Ruxandra, Barcelona was a superb choice way beyond any typographic aspect. :-)


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