Could Really use help figuring out this font please! - probably based on Solid Antique Roman {Viviane}

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If anyone could help i would appreciate it so much! I have looked through thousands of pages of fonts, trying to find this one, or one close to it! It would mean so much to me!

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Not a perfect match, but very similar in proportion would be ATSackers Solid Antique Roman or Monotype Solid Antique Roman

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thank you so much for helping! ive been refreshing this all day :) Anyone else have any ideas? I just love the notches on the p and e. They also used this same font on their website, i tried contacting them to ask what it is, but they wouldnt tell me :( If anyone else has any others that are very close please let me know!

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Aren't these letters that have been cut from wood on a jig-saw? Do you know whether there is a complete alphabet? I ask this, because it's possible that these were custom made for this one name. Even if there were a full alphabet, the 'font' may have been a set of templates from which to cut the letters, and not anything like a digital font for your desktop. (My daughter bought a set of letters for her daughter's name -- not the same design -- and they were evidently made on a jig-saw, cut following patterns.)

For something with a similar feel, this reminds me of Ray Larbie's Jillsville. If you replaced the slab serifs with ball terminals (which I'd guess was done to make cutting the pieces easier), the look would be similar, I think.

- Mike Yanega

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Yes they do have the full alphabet, and its sold at 2-3 different retailers which is why i thought maybe they probably just had a font, typed it into the computer, and let the wood cut, such as many engraving companys do. I tried to email 2 of the sites, 1 had no clue as they said they personally do not make the letters. And the other said they could not give me the information i wanted. I cant get ahold of the 3rd site :( But tyvm for finding one close as well.

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