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A while ago I made this thing which tries to show the caps of a font in a cool way. It rhymes the last names of font personalities with a word that kinda relates to the person - see if you can figure out all the "jokes"! (Some of them are pretty weak, though.)

(BTW, I was keeping this to myself to use for some grand occasion, but figured to share it here instead. So feel free to use it or abuse it.)


Aicher's Bunkers
Caflisch's Dervishes
Excoffon's Francophones
Goudy's Hotties
Igarashi's Jabberwockies
Kis's Luscious
Mandel's Nouvelles
Ovink's Probings
Quay's Rays
Sassoun's Typhoons
Unger's Vectors
Weingart's X-heights
Yarmola's Zamboucas


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or if you are really masochistic, try a text setting with this...

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Haha.. how funny to find something like this here... I love it..!! in fact I was create something less complex (called in spanish "Velo de Ñandú" Translated as "Ñandu's Veil") a time ago just for try the look of fonts.. but I love the shortest phrase you did here... thank you for share.. :D

[Ñandú is a bird that not fly because is too big and weight to do]

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Here’s something I did along the same lines, involving interesting Canadian place names.
All the caps are represented, and all but “v” in the lower case.

IIRC, a 19th century atlas containing an alphabetical list of post offices was my main resource.

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Very nice.
For the "v": "Spuzzum" sounds kinda Latin, so maybe sub "v"s in there! Or maybe the "u" in "Mosquito", since people could figure it out.


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Or you could replace Bright with Beaverdell or Ripples with Roachvale.

My favourite weird Canadian place name might be Saint-Loius-du-Ha-Ha! (the ! is part of the name)

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Roachvale it is, thanks!

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