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Bande Á Part title font

Hello everyone,

I'm really keen to find out what font Goddard used in his titles to Bande Á Part. It's quite an unusual but really beautiful, chunky sans, anyone know what it is? The different treatment of the capital R and P make it a bit special.

The film came out in 1964 if thats any use, and a google search revealed sweet nothing on the font front.



Since this is before the time of digital fonts, this may not be available now, if it was a typeface, and not hand-drawn. You might get close to this look by adding stroke to Spartan Classified Heavy. That would have the effect of closing down the counters, although I don't think the differences between them would be as pronounced as your sample.

- Mike Yanega

Can't find the right post with my previous suggestion at this time but I suggested a modified Antique Olive (or Olive).