NEWWORK Magazine / FACE TO TYPE Akira kobayashi / Editorial Header - TypeFace ID

Studio NEWWORK has this type face in issue #3 of their NEWWORK Magazine [], not sure if the image @ hand belongs to Akira Kobayashi or this is a custom font.

Any help id'ing the typeface used in this image attached would be much appreciated.



It would be nice if you rotated the image...

Just rotate your iPad… lol

This is probably custom, right?

Here is the image rotated & a second image using the same font I assume. Some have said its a custom take on Caslon. Any additional help is much obliged.

The second image seems to have been designed by the other Lex, whose last post (32 weeks ago) was asking about your first sample. So I don't think they're the same :-)

- Lex

Either or will do. I saw his thread to, figured I'd re-up to see if there were any new solutions.


I'll add this to my list, an UltraLight Tiffany or Baskerville-esque typeface. Coming soon… lol

The Akira Kobayashi "TYPE FACE" seems likely to be his own work, possibly in progress. To me it looks like an ultralight Caslon, with the flared serifs.

- Mike Yanega

This is from NEWWORK Mag #3


Hi Sonn,

Thanks for your thoughtful note.
Unfortunately we custom-made the typeface for the project so it is not available for sale.

Best wishes,