(x) Generic looking Sans Serif on a british guit. pedal, 1969. - probably Monotype Grotesque Bold {Mark S}


The closest I could find is Gothic 720, but I think it doesn't quite capture it. Any ideas?


If you are just looking for a font that can reproduce this lettering that's a different problem than if you are trying to identify this type from 1969. With no lower case and a limited sample of upper case, it's perhaps easier to find something just to match these letters. My candidate from a quick search would be Alright Sans from Okay Type. It seems to have a good 'generic' sans feel and it comes in a wide range of weights.

- Mike Yanega

Gothic 720 is what Bitsream calls the Monotype Grotesque series, and I would say that's what it is (Bold, specifically). It was very common in England back then. The difference in appearance is probably due to the way it was reproduced (molded in relief and painted), so it seems to have lost a bit of weight.