Font for a company Logo / 'Mollusk'

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I would like to ask a help in identifying font for a company logo.

It's done approximately 6 month ago and is a straight font. Have no clue whatsoever what kind of font or to which font family it belongs to but the owner of the company says that it is not a custom made font but the "designer" used some sort of font for it.

I'm also posting a picture of it.

Thanks a billion if someone can help!

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Maybe it's a font, or maybe its a Neutraface M with vector drawn "ollusk" all of these letters have geometric shapes that point to being "drawn" in illustrator, particularly the sharp corners on the L and U

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This definately is handywork, not a font. The curves and the spacing are terrible. Custom made by a designer is no guarantee for quality, thats for sure.

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If this was taken from a flash movie, it could explain the outline compression.

- Lex

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