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Sundance channel logo

Does anyone know what the typeface for the sundance channel logo is? Can be seen at the top right of this page: http://www.sundancefilm.com/


You won’t be able to find an exact match. those letters are redrawn from another typeface with just enough manipulation to make it impossible to match. welcome to camp ownability. :^D
a close match is windsor this monotype versions seems to have the wonkiest serifs, but it still isn’t what i would call a perfect match. korinna and souvenir also have some similarities, but windsor is the closest. please, someone prove me wrong.

here i’ll prove myself wrong. closer than windsor is cantoria i forget about this one. sorry. the serifs still need to be bludgeoned and then softened. but much closer.

At first glance, I thought it was pretty close to Goudy. But the terminal and the axis on the lc “a” are different.
Although weight-wise it is close than Cantoria?

Tiffany —

Cantoria is close, but I think the Sundance Channel logo was derived from Della Robbia (drawn originally for ATF by T.M. Cleland).

You’ll see that the structure of the ‘a’ is much closer. There has still been some modification — the spine and upper curve of the ‘s’, for instance — but I’m pretty sure that Della Robbia was the basis for this logo.

— K.

Good call Kent. That a is much closer. I do however really like what they did change in the serifs, how soft and “stickley” they feel.


Wow, you guys really know your stuff… Thank you so much for your expertise and insight.
Gratefully, Trista