(x) Serif font ID in PFT logo - based on ITC Caslon 224 {Antonio}

Please help in identifying this (these?) serif font(s) THANK YOU!!


I want to say it's a Baskerville, but something was done to the ƒ

The 'f' looks like the function symbol in the Roman font of a serif family. In some fonts this seems to be the same as an italic 'f', but I'm not sure that's what they all use. I thought the 'p' counter didn't match any Baskerville I saw, but I was having a hard time finding anything especially close. At first I thought it could be Times, but when you look at them in large sizes the serifs are not the same. I am beginning to think the serifs were altered to make them more pointed, but I think that 'f' looks familiar, and may be the key to finding what was the starting point for this logo. Confirmation would be from the 'p' counter shape and the triangular top of the 't'.

- Mike Yanega

It seems like it’s modeled after ITC Caslon 224.

Antonio, I think you found the right family. It still does look to me that the serifs were made longer and the 'ft' crossbar seems thinner than those in the font, but the 'f' is certainly the right shape and the 'p' counter looks right.

I think that's where this logo started.

- Mike Yanega