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Posts to the Solved IDs sub-forum should be writable only by moderators.
And either any ID marked as solved goes automatically there, or it (the sub-forum) should be eliminated altogether.

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I don’t see the benefit of having an extra place for ‘Solved IDs’. (I am also opposed to the idea of having style categories, see the comments in this older thread.)

In my opinion, this overcomplicates things. We have a well-established system that helps distinguish between solved and unsolved requests: the titles of solved threads are edited and marked with ‘(x)’, the solution and credits are added.

Moving solved threads to an extra forum adds another work step that needs to be performed manually by the moderators. At the moment, we have around 15 requests per day, almost 500 every month. Just saying.

And when to move them? We see so many threads where there is no easy, definitive answer – lettering work where suggesting alternates is all we can do, custom and modified type, obscure freebies, pre-digital typefaces etc. There is always someone who has some valuable information to add, even after the correct (or supposedly correct) answer was given (and credited). This openness would be lost if we immediately consign all threads that have received one plausible answer to some ‘dead’ archive.
Most IDers are not willing to observe several separate lists.

Many of the posters on the Type ID Board are first-time visitors, many of them not returning. If a solved thread was moved from the original forum, chances are the original poster would not find back the thread, and start another one on the same subject.

Back to the question of benefit. Having an archive is a great thing. However, when people want to know which typeface is used for, say, the ‘Kings Of Leon’ cover, they don’t care whether this has been filed as ‘solved’, ‘partially solved’, ‘yet unsolved’, or maybe in a completely inappropriate place like the ‘Design’ forum. They should be able to perform a search and find the relevant thread(s). (At the moment, this is something that works with external search engines, but still is impossible using the built-in search.)

My vote is for Riccado’s latter suggestion: let’s get rid off the ‘Solved IDs’ fora.

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I think Florian is perfectly right.
At most, we could borrow some functionality from the WTF forum, as in placing the solved status and attribution into some sort of metadata, in order to make titles less cluttered.
Even if not, it would be nice if there were an interface for moderators with radio buttons (unsolved/solved/partially/not a font/similar, ecc.) and a text input for attribution (linked to the users database, of course).
Then the system could be instructed either to display such information through the title or by other means.

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