Looking for typeface suggestions for a book about cave art

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Looking for typeface suggestions for a book about cave art

Hi All,

I'm looking for a typeface to start a personal book cover design project with.

There is a Phaidon book titled "Cave Art," which is a beautiful book that is currently being sold with an ill thought-out dust jacket.

I'm hoping to make my own dust jacket for the book – at least it will look better on my shelf – and was hoping to get this community's opinions on an appropriate typeface to begin the redesign project with.

In Derek Birdsall's "Notes on Book Design," the author talks about a book he produced (also as a personal project) about human technology though history and pre-history. His take on hyphenating the word "technology" in the title seems to modernize the potentially stodginess of the all-caps display serif.

Thanks in advance for your input.


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The task is a tricky one, since the subject matter predates any form of writing.
My first impulse would be using something archaic looking (http://www.stonetypefoundry.com/numaoverview.html), but probably it could end up looking very feigned.
So I think the approach could be either something as neutral as possible, or something very contrasting (I'm thinking techno/sci-fi here, think 2001).
As for the actual cover, I think I can understand the reasoning behind it. But, in the same vein, I would rather have gone with a graffiti-like look.

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How about choosing an extremely clean and modern new geometric sans serif font series to contrast with the subject matter.


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Alex, if you want your new face in everybody's face all the time, take out an ad.