REKORD is slowly growing up...

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I've done a lot of work on Rekord recently, so I thought I'd share it with you. Since it has developed so much, I thought I'd start a new thread in the sans-serif section. The new Rekord will, if all goes well, be a six-weight family with italics, and be available later this year (after I've finished Tram, which is more than overdue).

Also, Rekord is the new typeface used by Rotterdam's Philharmonic Orchestra, which I'm very happy about. More can be seen here: Gergiev Festival

There's still a lot to do and refine, but so far I'm happy with the development... and curious to hear what you think.


REKORD_July2010.pdf608.55 KB
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ohh... I would really like to use this beauty.

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This is brilliant! I love it. Couls you have a look at my 'expletus' post?

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Looking great! I'm weary of techno fonts but this is very lively and interesting, and carefully crafted. The bolder weights have a bit of early Soviet poster aesthetic to my eyes.
On the alternates, I really dislike the M's and N's (but of course, as alternates I'd be free to ignore them).
For the diagonal alts, did you consider making that change in angle a bend rather than a rigid angle?
The figures look like credit-card numbers to me. I wonder if six and nine can somehow partake of the interesting diagonals that are the typeface's signature (e.g. P/R).

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I want to see more of the italic!

Great work!

- Lex

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Hello Hanno,

I think you have to rename your typeface because the name Rekord is already taken:


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thanks for the information. I guess I'll have to think of something new... :(

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Good one Lex! :-)
Another option could be “Ricordo” (Italian for “memory”)

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