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New family at ReType: Lavigne Text

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Joined: 1 Aug 2002 - 9:32am
New family at ReType: Lavigne Text

We proudly announce a new release in our award winning typeface family. 'Lavigne Text' is a 4 weights package optimized for ease of reading at small sizes. It features generous x-height, short ascenders and descenders, open counters and simplified details that improve its reproduction at small sizes.

'Lavigne Text' has also a solid presence on paper and its weight make it ideal for the setting of fine books and magazines. Used in conjunction with 'Lavigne Display', they make a perfect team, bringing aesthetic consistency at every typographic hierarchy.
The philosophy behind the 'Lavigne type family' is to achieve the refinements observed in classic 'modern serif' typefaces, without borrowing too much from history.

All 'Lavigne Text' versions have been produced in OpenType format and every weight has its own small caps. Features are available to easily set superscript and subscripts numbers, an extensive set of fractions, four sets of numbers (proportional old style, tabular old style, proportional lining, and tabular lining), matching currency symbols, case sensitive glyphs, and ligatures.

Lavigne Text can be purchased at FontShop:

Christoph Koeberlin's picture
Joined: 23 Jul 2007 - 5:55am

Looks awesome, Ramiro, good luck!

Raymond Kingston's picture
Joined: 4 Sep 2006 - 12:28am

This does look fantastic! But why is this specimen sized for display if the font is "optimized for ease of reading at small sizes"? An integrated example of small text would be very welcome.