(x) Swisscom Secondary Typefaces - Thesis {Akira}

Many thanks in advance as always.


The first one is TheSerif and the second one is TheMix. The numerals on the first image could be lower lining tabular figures of TheSerif. See here. Or those could be from TheSerif Office.

I seem to remember Swisscom uses a customized/special version of Thesis…

Thanks a lot, Nina. :^)

Nevermind – I've checked out a few PDFs from swisscom.com and while they do use a customized version of TheSans (called TheSansSwisscom) for some text, they use an apparently standard version of TheMix. Not sure about the numerals in the first image.

Great stuff guys.

Erm, sorry, is the text that read "2 Bips" TheMix typeface?

Actually, to who changed the title (Florian?), I'd surmise the stuff shown in the pics is most likely not customized, but plain ol' Thesis. My bad. Akira gets the credit :)

doj: I'd say the «2 bips» font is TheSerif (TheMix doesn't have serifs on the "s").
You can try them out here:

Lovely, thanks.