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A development on my first typeface

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Joined: 3 Oct 2004 - 7:38am
A development on my first typeface


Well, please don’t look for what I previously posted, I have learnt alot since then, and my typeface has made many developments. This is my first typeface. I won’t go into where it came from because it has made such a drastic evolution that almost nothing of the original design remains. In fact, absolutely nothing.

It has never really had any direction; I have just based it on some classical proportions and adapted to suit. I can see that I am having alot of problems with weightings (largely due to its mono-weight sans-serif beginnings), but what of the general “look” of the face? Is there anything that really sticks out?

It’s sort of a semi-serif-nearing-some-kind-of-optima-type-look at the moment.

Well, go for it I guess.


- Chris

Digitype.pdf (443.8 k)

ole s's picture
Joined: 1 Feb 2002 - 4:01am

DQRBV are my favorite glyphs, G needs work same goes for the A.

Jason Booher-Jennings's picture
Joined: 15 Oct 2004 - 8:39pm

The S feels a little off balance. Perhaps the bottom half needs to widen out a little more. And the A thins out a little on the top. Look at it’s peak compared to the middle of the W.

Bert Vanderveen's picture
Joined: 13 Jun 2004 - 8:19am

I don’t think the lower bowl of B works well — the way the upper one intrudes makes me shiver…
The D is somehow obese, compared to the rest
G’s hook could be lower
M’s upper connections are too heavy
R is a bit unbalanced, looks like it’s stooping
Y makes me wonder why the stem on baseline has no ‘flares’
Hope this helps — nice classic looking typeface!