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This font is still very much in the rough stages. I'm still playing with some of the letterforms. The letters were drawn and scanned in, then fontified using Font Creator Program. (I know, I know, but new computer first, then I see about new software.) Some resizing is possible, but beyond minor deformation, the letter needs to be redrawn. Let me know what you think. Help on spacing would be good, too. I'm having trouble making it work with the oblique letters. (From this sample, I see the y has too much space on the right. *sigh*)

Quilljoy sample

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Yes, I'm keeping the hand-drawn aspect. I've printed samples of this off, and I was surprised at how much it looked like I'd lettered the page. (Dumb, but it's what happened.)

I've already got some ligatures drawn - but not fontified - as well as all the capital letters. Terminal letters too, so that, for example, that r isn't going to necessarily reach across toward the next word.

I don't, however, have the ability to make an OT font. Everything I produce is open source though, so interested third parties could take my glyphs and build their own.

Watch this space.

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Progress after one month or so.

The spacing is fixed for the basic characters, accented characters have been added, as well as some of the ligatures and some of the terminals. The leaf graphic there will be the bullet, too.

Quilljoy 2

Any commentary would be welcome.

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Will you keep the "hand-drawn" quality of it? I think you should. I like the "squareness" of it as well. Maybe it shouldn't be cleaned up too much? Maybe this could become another super-opentype font with all kinds of alternates? Really enjoy the n and the z and the g and the w and the Q ...

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