Start of "Corridor" or ex-"Adhez"

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Just started working on something new and wanted to save it here, so it reminds me not to quit or forget about it.

Only lower case letters are done so far and not all (/s/, /k/, /v/, /w/, /x/, /y/, /z/, /j/... are missing) and they are still rough, didn't do fine tunings of those existing letters (e.g. some parts are still not consistent, proportions in some letters are not good, should letters /n/, /u/, /u/, /p/, /q/ have same upper part of left stem as on /p/ or /n/ ...). Pretty a lot of things to define and to think about.

But, I think this looks like a promising beginning and could be interesting to complete it.

Adhez_1.5.pdf549.65 KB
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so far looks great to me. I think the horizontal bar in the e should by higher and the top bowl should be 'squared'.

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Moving forward slowly.
Lowercase only, with /T/, /I/, /L/, /H/ only at this moment.
Suspicious letters in some parts are still: /s/, /e/, /a/, /y/, /x/ and maybe /z/.
Didn't do fine tunings yet, so this is just an roughly version.

Do you see something I don't see here? :)
P.S. - I'll make a PDF when I finish lowercase in every segment.

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/a/ and /e/ changed.

As I said, not really fine tuned (probably shouldn't showing it until it's all done).
But, still I see this topic as a diary of one font, so why not show it :)

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Next step.
Fine tuning not fully done, as spacing also, but feel free to comment that too.
Still have some doubts about a couple of letters (/Q/, /K/, /k/...).
/a/ is completely changed, in /e/ some corrections were done too.

What do you think in general?

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I like the look of this so far (and the idea of an online diary of the font is a good one!) The letters seem to go well together on the whole and the words you've displayed look good already.

I like the /a/ a lot, it has a very cool shape. The /e/ is also much better now. I have no problem with the /Q/ on first glance, although I'm not a fan of the /K/ and /k/. On the uppercase one, the horizontal crossbar seems a little too high and on the lowercase, it seems very thin compared to the quite thick top stroke and leg. The /A/ also seems quite heavy to me compared to the /O/, /Q/ and a lot of the other uppercase (maybe make the crossbar thinner?).

Overall nice job so far and look forward to seeing this develop!

- Claire

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OK, finally moved somewhere recently.

Here is version 1.5

Some things are corrected now, just started printing tests to see what will happened in different situations.

Ignore metrics. Didn't touch it at all. Just shapes and proportions.

@ Op45 - Thanks a lot for your comments. I did some things you mentioned in your post and you were right in big % :)

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There are a couple words that stand out in the PDF. In the "so" combination in "association", the /s/ seems to dip farther below the baseline than the /o/. It might help if you fatten the /o/ to match the square shape of the other rounded letters. The /s/ looks a little bottom heavy too. Also, the "db" in "standby" seems out of balance. I am torn on this one because the b/d and p/q asymmetry add a lot of character to the typeface.

I notice in this 1.5 version you changed your strokes to have a uniform weight. The result is a quite nice, utilitarian look, but you lose some of the warmth of the original. It would be nice to see both variations developed, possibly in a true-italic instead of an oblique style.

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You're right.

Still it isn't perfectly tuned. It's a little bit tricky to concentrate and notice everything at once, that's why I go step by step. I notices also like you some irregularities with rounded shapes.

About /b/ and /d/... to be honest, you're not the only one who said that, but I guess I gotta decide by myself what should be done... to change them completely or just some details.

Maybe I make an Display family, with more flown in the shapes. That thing (lost of basic sensual lines) always somehow disappear at the end and as you work on typeface, it live and change by every day. But, you're 100 % right.

Yeah, I was thinking only about true italic, not oblique, cause I think it already have some interesting shapes done in this 1.5 version that can be used for italic.

Thank you very much for having a time to see and comment this type. It was very useful.

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P.S. - Sorry about lot of typos in previous comment.

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Things are moving slowly here also.

I renamed it from "Adhez" to "Corridor" which I think suits better (and sounds better).

Light style is finished so far (maybe it will require somewhere small changes, but will see as time goes by) and this is how it looks without kerning!

Currently, working on Regular and Bold at the same time and after that going on Italics.

P.S. - JPEG is maybe playing tricks with the eyes so some characters seems heavier then they are.
P.S. 2 - Ah... just saw that "$" is not updated!

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I like this face--very much.

There is one niggling thing that bothers me-- when the /a/ is preceded by the /d/, the /a/ seems diminished. I can't put my finger on it. It doesn't show in /ga/ for instance -- but it does /da/. (I haven't tried /pa/ or /ba/.) I'm not sure if what I see is caused by the counter size in the /a/ or by the apparent x-height of the /a/ in the /da/ pairing.

This is a very small thing, but I thought I'd pass it on.


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Thanks Clair, will pay attention on that, even I'm not pretty sure how that happened.

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Thanks for putting up the display! -- very interesting to study. What I'm sensing is very noticeable in the large line. It's less noticeable in the very small size, but still present.

However, seeing them all together, I'm thinking the problem is not with the /a/ but with the counter size in /d/. And it seems to be at the top -- high curve edge at the left top of the bowl and not enough dip into the stem??

Just musing here.


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Light and Regular are finished.
Now Bold, probably Black and after that - true Italics.

Ignore metrics :)

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"In use".
Just played with font a little.

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The word 'REAL' looks out of balance because the bowl of the R is too big. I think you should make it more like Frutiger's R, which has a smaller bowl. That underwater thing looks really funny though I'd love to see some swimming glyphs in it.

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Thanks Jasper.
Looks like it's been small difference between bowl of P and R.

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Dissent: I like the big bowl of the R and I think you should keep it that way.

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