Please, critique this new Display!

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Hi everyone! I'm new in this forum, and I hope the discussions can seriously contribute for my projects.
Anyway, I'm attaching a sample of a new displays typeface (that don't have a name yet).
What I'm looking for, in the shape of these characters, is something innovative. Shapes unconventional, but still functional.
I'm a little worried about the letter "A" legibility. Maybe it's too much innovative.
What do you think?

thanks a lot!

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I would encourage you (if you question it) to develop alternates - why not retain the current glyphs (spectacular, by the way) and develop additional characters with more information and uniformity?

Allow me to elaborate: your strokes are meticulously consistent, save for the upswing in the H, downstroke on the R and the convention on the S. However, I find all of these characteristics to be appealing.

If you question it, design a more lexically complete group without "missing" pieces where the viewer would expect them to be.

I wish you the very best with this project -

Nathan Williams
Baseline Fonts

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This is very nice.


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Thanks Nathan! To develop an alternative version (with gliphs more complete and legible) is a nice solution. Thanks a lot!
Also, thanks to you, Hrant for your welcomed opinion.

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I love it, it has such a sleek feel to it.

I could see it being used as titling to advertise airplanes or something like that.

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Very nice Fabio. I am new to Typophile as well, and am amazed by the quality of the work (and people) that I have seen thus far. I just stumbled here by accident this morning but hope to contribute some thoughts and ideas.

The only letters that I seem to stumble across are the M, N and B. The M and N seem ordinary compared to the other letters. They don't have the same "airy" quality. Could they be broken somehow or do you think that would be awkward? The letter B seems sad to me. Could the center stroke mimic the letter E?

Anyhow, keep up the good work!

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Thanks Tom for your comments.
Actually, they match with the suggestions from another typedesigner, my friend.
Characters like N, M, S,... don't have the same expression as all the others. They need to be more opened and lighter.
As you said, designing the center stroke more thin (like "E") is a solution. I'm working on it.
I agree with you that B is looking weird.

I'm also amazed how this forum is a nice and helpfull resource for developing serious typefaces. Thanks for all of you.

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I like it a lot
The A, C, and G arent optically sloping to the right as much as the rest of the characters.
And the R looks shorter than the rest.

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