Unidentified times new roman variation

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Does anyone have any idea what this font is? I made the graphic right before my hard disk crashed, so I do know that it is a font, I just don't know which one. Any ideas?

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Minion Web probably or
Minion Semibold

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PS: Times New Roman variation is so cute ;-)


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I don’t think it is Minion.

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You may be right, but with a bit of tweaking of the t, l and f you might at least get close with Minion Web. (Selection slightly wided in PS and slightly squooshed 7% wider).

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That's a pretty convincing replication Andreas. The addition of outlining would further enhance the resemblance. I think you ID'd it.

- Mike Yanega

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Mind the spurs of g, s and t - I'm not really sure. Also the position of the dot after www. Maybe the original poster did not use the kerning when making the graphic. Anna from Tasmania, please speak up if Minion rings a bell :-)

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